2008 Go Global India community campus partnerships in action.  Curtin University allied health students facilitate a morning exercise dance group for residents with staff from AnandaNiketan Society for Mental Health Care.  Residents at AnandaNiketan enjoy creative groups like the exercise dance group, benefitting from the joint efforts and treatment plans developed by AnandaNiketan staff and Curtin students. Treatment programs at AnandaNiketan are developed with sustainability as a key goal and staff continue to facilitate the exercise dance group after students have completed their placements and  returned to Australia.

Dear colleagues,

As we close out this decade we are taking CES4Health.Info offline for submissions effective immediately. We recognize that CES4Health.Info is a wonderful resource for sharing community and academic scholarship. We realize that the quality of our current platform does not meet the needs of our growing partnerships. Our plan is to take the next 6 months to revisit how to introduce a new CES4Health.Info that fits the needs of these growing community, patient and academic partnerships.

During the coming months, the current site archives and current peer reviewed materials are accessible for use. Over the next six months, we are working closely with CCPH during this transition to engage our partners to determine the next direction for CES4Health.Info.

We are excited about bringing CES4Health.Info into the next decade. We look forward to expanding our presence in community and academic scholarship by creating a new community and patient engaged peer reviewed scholarly platform.