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Call for Reviewers

We are always looking for individuals with diverse areas of expertise to serve as peer reviewers. reviewers are based in academic settings such as colleges and universities and based in community organizations, professional associations, non-governmental organizations, and international, national, state, and local agencies.

If you are interested in serving as a peer reviewer, please submit an application today! The application asks about your position and organizational affiliation, areas of special interest or expertise, and experience as a reviewer (e.g., of publications, grant proposals, conference abstracts).


Preparing to Review for

Reviewing a product of community-engaged scholarship in a form other than a journal manuscript is a novel task for most reviewers. Therefore, all reviewers are oriented and trained by the Editor prior to reviewing any products. This one hour training by conference call ensures that reviewers understand the review criteria and know how to apply them to various types of products, what kind of revisions they may request, what we are looking for in their review comments, and how they can communicate with the Editorial Team.

Reviewing a Product

When possible, reviewers are assigned products that align with their self-identified expertise and areas of special interest. Each product is assigned to two academic and one community reviewer. When a particular product is determined to be a good match with particular reviewers, the reviewers will receive an email from an Associate Editor requesting their participation in the product's review. The product abstract, provided by the author(s) as part of the product application, will be included in this email. The reviewers are asked to read the abstract and decide whether they are able to review the product. They will then accept or decline the invitation by logging into the administration tool as directed in the email. If reviewers accept the invitation to review a product, they will be sent instructions by email on how to access the product, product application, and the online review form. Reviewers will be asked to complete their reviews within two weeks of accepting a review. Reviewers who anticipate that they will need additional time may communicate directly with the Associate Editor.

In most cases, once the review is submitted online, the reviewer's task is complete. In situations where reviewers' recommendations for acceptance of the product for publication are quite disparate they may be contacted by the Editor or Associate Editor for any clarifications that may be needed.

Time Commitment

The editorial team will attempt to spread review assignments across available reviewers and not overburden particular reviewers. Reviewers can expect up to five review requests per year. Each review requires reading the product application, reading or viewing the product, and completing the review form. Reading the application and completing the review form usually takes less than an hour. The time required to read or view the product will depend on the nature of the product.

Reviewer Feedback

Once a year, reviewers are asked to complete a brief anonymous online survey to provide feedback on the review process, review criteria and reviewer roles and responsibilities. Reviewer feedback is essential to continuously improving


If you have any questions about the expectations of reviewers, please consult the Reviewer Frequently Asked Questions. If questions remain, please email us at