Clinical Nurse Leader students from the Medical College of Georgia visit Macchu Pichu for the day while staying in Cusco, Peru and working with a women's health clinic.

Author Instructions

This section provides instructions for authors about the process of submitting a product for peer review. encourages authors from any country or setting (e.g., academic, community, policy) to submit products resulting from health-related community-engaged scholarly work that is conducted in partnership with communities. This work could include, for example, service-learning, community-based participatory research and community-academic partnerships. We are not interested in products resulting from work done “in” but not “with” communities. We define “community” broadly to include individuals and organizations external to involved educational or research institutions that are part of a collaborative process that contributes to the public good. We define “health-related” broadly to include, for example, health care, public health, health policy and the social determinants of health. For more information about products appropriate for, see Types of Products.

Submitting a product for peer review is a two-step process that involves completing an online application form and submitting the actual product. Both the application and the product are peer-reviewed. If the product is accepted for publication, both the product and most sections of the application will be published through Therefore, authors are encouraged to prepare their applications with the thoroughness and attention to detail they would any professional publication. In preparation for submitting your online application, you should complete the narrative portion of the application using the Product Application Narrative document and save a copy for you records. If revisions are requested to your application, you will need to resubmit your application online. Having a saved version of the application to edit will save you time.

Authors must comply with the copyright and HIPAA policies of Products will not be reviewed unless authors indicate they are in compliance with these policies by responding to questions about them in the online application form.

CES4Health Fellow Marlynn May provides technical assistance, mentoring and support to teams that have a potential CES4Health submission and would like some guidance in its development or in the submission process. Whether you have a product ready to submit, or are just in the early stages of thinking about a possible product, Marlynn is available to help! Email him with your request.

Note to authors of products related to community-engaged medical and dental education:
We encourage you to consider submitting products to both and MedEdPORTAL, an online mechanism for sharing peer-reviewed products of educational scholarship operated by the Association of American Medical Colleges. and MedEdPORTAL have an agreement in place that permits publication by both. Click here for more information about MedEdPORTAL.