Elon University Doctor of Physical Therapy students participated in an 8-day long Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy camp for children with hemiplegia.  The camp is organized by faculty from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.  The kids at the camp learn to increase use of the hand and arm they normally prefer not to use while the DPT students gain valuable experience and learn what it takes to work with pediatric patients.

Types of Products Reviewed Through CES4Health.info

CES4Health.info encourages submission of a diverse array of products that result from health-related community-engaged work. Any product format will be considered, including but not limited to documents, slide presentations, websites, on-line tools, videos, DVDs and CD-ROMs.

CES4Health.info disseminates the products of community-engaged work, not manuscripts about the product or the work that resulted in the product. Below are two examples that illustrate what we mean:

  • A community-based participatory research project might result in findings that are disseminated through an article published in a peer-reviewed journal. That project might also result in a policy brief, an online training module or an evaluation tool. The latter are the types of products appropriate for CES4Health.info
  • A service-learning course might result in an article published in a peer-reviewed journal that describes how the course was developed or presents findings about the impact on participants. The course might also result in a “how to” guide on service-learning, a set of reflection exercises, or a video that presents the impact of service-learning on community partners. The latter are the type of products appropriate for CES4Health.info.

Size Limitations

The CES4Health.info website is able to accept one file (5 MB or smaller) or one URL as the "product" submitted. If your product consists of several files, you may be able to submit them online by (a) converting each file to a pdf and then merging the pdf documents into one pdf (this file may need to be optimized so that it is 5MB or smaller) or by (b) compressing your files into one zip file that is 5MB or smaller. Alternatively, you could post the individual files that comprise your product on a website and then provide that website's URL. If none of these options are possible, you will be instructed to submit 6 hard copies of your product by postal service to the Editor.


If you are in doubt about the types of submissions encouraged by CES4Health.info, we encourage you to examine the resources currently available on the website and to review the answers to Frequently Asked Questions. If questions remain, please contact CES4Health.info at info@ces4health.info