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General Instructions

Submitting a Product

Submitting a product for peer review is a two-step process that involves completing an online application form and submitting the actual product. Both the application and the product are peer-reviewed. If the product is accepted for publication, both the product and most sections of the application will be published through CES4Health.info. Therefore, authors are encouraged to prepare their applications with the thoroughness and attention to detail they would any professional publication. In preparation for submitting your online application, you should complete the narrative portion of the application using the Product Application Narrative document and save a copy for you records. If revisions are requested to your application, you will need to resubmit your application online. Having a saved version of the application to edit will save you time.


Authors must comply with the copyright and HIPAA policies of CES4Health.info. Products will not be reviewed unless authors indicate they are in compliance with these policies by responding to questions about them in the online application form.